You will never fully convince someone that he is wrong, only reality can – Nassim Taleb

February 4, 2023

I love reading stories, it can teach us a great deal. In one of my favourite book series called the King’s Dark Tidings by Kel Kade, I read the following scenario, my comments and questions in brackets:

Rezkin made his way back to his quarters as he pondered the dead man’s words. Why did the man seem so offended that Rezkin might be cruel when the criminal himself had been cruel? (a question I often ask myself when I spot hypocrisy). Rezkin had not been cruel. Rule 37-Seperate from one’s emotions. If he had felt any pleasure (many people claim they know another person’s feelings, even when they have never even been in the person’s (the person they are talking about) presence or known them for some time) it would also have been a breach of Rule 14, which stated that he should not revel in his success.

Master Jaiardun had told him long ago that people who failed to adhere to Rule 5—Master your fear would often say or do anything to preserve their lives. (or their pride)

Master Peider said: No, Rezkin, we are not cruel. Cruelty is when one takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of another.”

I would wager to say: those who are happy to rebuke someone they have never even met without being asked to do so by the offending person are doing it to feed their ego. How about we mind our own business? If you truly think someone is being cruel, then report them to the authorities instead of slandering them on social media.

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