We are all on the spectrum! Are we?

February 1, 2023

I was diagnosed with ASD level 2 in 2020πŸ‘Œ, and many say they are on the spectrumπŸ˜‘. Are you on the human spectrum or the ASD spectrum? This video can help you look at that.
I can say that I struggle with the following:
😁 Language-verbal communication and small talk is a challenges,
πŸ˜‰ Social awareness-pick up and following social norms are not my forte,
🐾 Narrow interest-I have my particular interests, and I struggle to shift between activities,
😨 Information processing-my diet is one of my sensory struggles because it is mainly about the problem’s texture; for example, I love 🍎 🍎 but I won’t eat it at all if it is baked – it changes the texture!!
😣 I still have problems with incontinence, and it isn’t very pleasant!!
πŸ€” Jip, it is a range! What about you guys?
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