PAT 102 – Non-negotiable points of failure

I am Ariza, from PCC ATA Ubuntu Support. In this video series, I will share what I have learned, thus helping you prepare for what you are in for and increasing your chances of passing the PAT.

Grounds for the immediate failure of the PAT if:

  1. A dog displays inappropriate aggressive behaviour like showing teeth, growling, raising hackles, snapping teeth and lunging to bite. 
    • You want to look for a dog with a high threshold, meaning you want a dog that is not easily stressed by what happens in the real world. That does not mean the dog is not allowed to defend itself in an appropriate situation – the public is still uneducated. Like kids and adults will pat the dog without consent from you or the dog’s notice (startle). Yes, even when you have a jacket that says ‘don’t pat’.
    • The handler that fails to read and advocate for their dog, thus not avoiding it from happening in the first place.
  2. Any dog that urinates or defecates in a building or has incontinence.
    • The easiest thing has an Assistance Dog that can toilet on command. 
    • The handler that fails to read or understand their dog’s toilet habits and takes their dog to an appropriate place to toilet.
  3. Any dog that displays resource guarding of people, territory, possessions or food.
    • Saying that the dog is protecting you is not valid; the dog can help you by, for example, blocking people but not using fear to keep people away from you.
    • Dogs should not be left to decide who or what is a threat; they could lack the proper judgement in our society.
    • The handler fails to notice and doesn’t do anything to correct it.
  4. Any dog or handler who can’t or won’t meet the PAT’s minimum safety and hygiene standards & brings shame to the organisation’s reputation, the dog, the trainer, or the Assistance Animal Industry.
    • Every company, organisation or institution for proper identification or evidence that your dog is an Assistance Dog; thus, if you refuse or fail to supply it, they can treat your dog as a pet and deny entry. That is their legal right.
    • So make sure you get the evidence or identification you will need.
    • The handler fails to advocate for themselves or ensure they have the relevant information on hand.
  5. Any handler who is inappropriately harsh on their dog.
    • ‘Harsh’ can be open to interpretation, and your dog should have the right skills and temperament that will prevent your dog from being challenged and needing harsher treatment to get the same result. For example, the dogs I worked with.
    • The handler fails to choose a dog with the correct temperament or do the training to make sure your dog is compliant with your commands and you both can meet the PAT’s minimum safety and hygiene standard.
  6. Any handler who is not willing to abide by all relevant laws.
    • You need to know that the Federal Law is King, the State Law is the Prince, and the Local laws are the Majors. Get to know your rules.
  7. Overall hygiene:
    • Physical appearance & health:
      • Your dog must be well-groomed.
      • Your dog must be in peak physical shape.
      • Your dog must NOT have any obvious injuries or illnesses.
    • Toilet Routines – as mentioned in point 2.

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