Dog Training: Understanding Well-Mannered Behavior and PAT Preparation

In the dog training, Ariza from PCC ATA Ubuntu Support offers a video series on preparing for the PAT. Learn how to ensure your dog is well-mannered and discover the difference between reactivity and aggression.


Reactivity vs. Aggression:

Understand how reactivity and aggression differ and how your dog’s behaviour can impact its PAT performance.


Teaching Impulse Control:

Learn exercises to help your dog develop impulse control and self-regulation, which are essential for passing the PAT.


Navigating the Real World:

Discover how to train your dog to cooperate in various situations, ensuring they’re not a hazard or nuisance in public spaces.


Responding to Commands:

Ensure your dog responds to your cues and commands, adapting to their learning style and utilizing assistive technology when necessary.


Tune in next Tuesday for more helpful tips, and join the conversation by liking, sharing, and commenting. Questions are welcome, and answers will be provided in future videos.


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