You need to learn the meaning of words before you just chuck them around

October 26, 2022

Do you even know what socialisation and habituation are??🤔 If not, how will you know what and how to do it?

Socialisation: Creating a neutral association with sentient beings.

Habituation: Creating a neutral association to different sights, sounds, smells and dead things (tools, technology, vehicles etc.)

3 Types of association:
Excited/frustrated🤯: This is the dog that will drab the owner because it’s so over-excited to say hi to ALL dogs. This dog won’t sit still at the vet because they are so great and fun! This dog jumps around and does zoomies when you try to put on their lead to go walking! This is the dog that can’t take NO for an answer because they want to play/run/jump etc., because they are easily aroused, and they don’t settle down easy.

Fearful/anxious: This is the dog that runs/hides away. This is the dog that snaps to get the other away. This is the dog that is easily scared/startled, and they don’t recover quickly from being triggered.

Neutral: This is a polite dog; they don’t see everything as exciting or scary. They can settle quickly if they are aroused, or they can recover easily when they are startled.

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