Vital Facets of Training Reactive Dogs

Key Aspects Often Overlooked in Reactive Dog Training

In my previous post, “Simon Sinek – Beware of Assumptions: Even Well-Founded Research Can Mislead,” I mentioned several crucial aspects of training reactive dogs that N and many dog trainers may be unaware of. Check out the videos by clicking on the titles below the explanations, as my written explanations may not do them justice.


Subheading: Essential Concepts for Reactive Dog Training

  1. Two Behaviour-consequence links. (The link to Noom: The Behavior Chain: How to Change Your Behavior in 2022 ( )
  2. The Emotional Attitude of a Dog.
  3. The Mindset of the dog.
  4. How I get to know a dog.
  5. The Pros and Cons of the four Quadrants of operant conditioning.
  6. The Extinction burst.


These concepts are often implied, and it’s helpful to have a mentor, coach, or teacher to assist in applying them. If you need help as a pet owner, dog handler, or dog trainer, feel free to reach out! I offer mentoring programs to demonstrate these principles in action.

In my next blog post, titled “Your Disapproval Doesn’t Nullify My Rights – Queen Lecillia (from ‘Kingdoms and Chaos’ book),” I will address specific accusations made by positive-only trainers against those of us who use Balanced Training Methodology.

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