Some signs your dog is about to EXPLODE

April 4, 2022

A wise trainer once said: Stop the fuse, not the explosion. I completely agree with Sean O’shea

It is always a good idea to be proactive and educated; that way, we can avoid incidents. But which signals should I be looking for in my dog? I was taught a basic set of signals to start with from another one of my mentors; Ted Efthymiadis told me to start by looking for the following:

  • Your dog starts scanning, looking for trouble, the moment they step out of the door,
  • Ears and eyes are pointed to the target; they are fixated on a sound and movement for longer than 5 seconds,
  • The tail is high; this usually is the ‘speedometer’ that indicates the ‘arousal level’ of your dog – where their attention goes, the energy flows,
  • Escalated breathing, as the dog’s body is getting ready for action, it needs more oxygen,
  • Hackles are up, this is like goosebumps for humans, we get it based on fear or anticipation of something exhilarating about to happen.

Check out this demo!

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