PAT 104 – Public places/Transport

I am Ariza from PCC ATA Ubuntu Support. In this video series, I will share what I have learned, thus helping you prepare for what you are in for and increasing your chances of passing the PAT.

Public places/Transport:

  1. Your dog shows no excessive sniffing, drooling, excitability, or soliciting for food or attention.
    • We work with animals; we know they do these things. It is essential to allow the dog to check out their environment and assess whether or not they are safe (part of the dog’s hierarchy of needs), and then they will be relaxed enough to work. After all, humans are mammals too, and our brains are also designed to focus on survival, and safety is the first hurdle to overcome to survive. Sniffing is part of this, and about a third of their brain is made for this. It is essential to teach your dog to do this in a reasonable amount of time when they are in work mode, just like we do daily.
  2. Your dog is in a position where they are not a nuisance or hazard to the public, i.e. under the chair in the cafe.
    • This also means that being aware of your surroundings and the ever-changing position of people is a great way to stay grounded in the present. 
    • I have PTSD myself, and learning to use my senses to stay present when I am triggered because I am training dogs, has made a massive difference in my path to rehabilitation.
  3. Your dog is not allowed to use public furniture for seating, for example, on an aeroplane, on the train, in movies or at a restaurant: your dog is not allowed on the seats.
    • This is a health concern, regardless of whether your dog is allowed on your furniture at home or even if your dog is in pristine health.
  4. It is your responsibility to learn to advocate for yourself and your dog. Inform the Assessor if you are not able to use particular public transport because of any medical/psychological (I know a handler like this) reason and if your dog wasn’t trained to use any of the following:
    1. The Assessor must assess you on at least one of the forms of public transport, even if you don’t use it, of the following:
      • Bus.
      • Train.
      • Tram.
      • Taxi.
      • Ferry, if possible.
    2. The Assessor must choose at least two public places of the following:
      • Bus station.
      • Train station.
      • Lift.
      • Escalator-moving stairs at an angle.
      • Travelator-moving platform at an angle.
    3. Some organisations have preferences on what they will not teach, based on their own opinions, and you need to find out what they are.
  5. Your dog maintains a sit or down position for at least 5 minutes, especially if another member of the public approaches. That could be any public member, big/small, different genders, ages, various fashion styles etc.

I look forward to sharing the following video with you guys next Tuesday!

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