Ideal Temperaments for Assistance Dogs: People & Dog Distractions

In dog training, Ariza from PCC ATA Ubuntu Support continues their video series on preparing for the PAT. This instalment focuses on the ideal temperaments for assistance dogs and how to deal with people and dog distractions.

Understanding Dog Temperaments

Discover the different types of dog temperaments, from those who prefer human company to those who love getting attention from anyone. Learn why dogs with aloof personalities towards strangers but a strong desire to please their handlers make the best assistance dogs.


Threshold and Drive

Explore the threshold concepts (the level at which your dog is stimulated) and drive (the intensity for an activity, goal, or resource). Understand how these factors impact a dog’s ability to meet your needs and PAT standards, and learn the importance of matching your dog’s drive to your specific requirements.

Size Matters

Consider the size of the dog concerning your needs. For example, if you require a dog for mobility assistance, a sturdy, larger breed would be more suitable than a small Chihuahua.


Nerves and Resilience

Understand how a dog’s nerves and resilience affect its suitability as an assistance dog, including its ability to recover quickly from startling situations. Learn about the significance of impulse control and self-regulation in building a dog’s resilience.


Socialization and Adaptability

Learn about the two phases of socialization and how to help your dog become comfortable with various people, dogs, and environments. Understand the importance of exposing your dog to different situations and stimuli, focusing on interactions to bring their reactions as close to neutral as possible.

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