Paradigm Shifts in my dog world

March 23, 2022

Paradigm Shifts in Dog Training: Embracing Change

Delve into the concept of paradigm shifts and confirmation bias in the dog training world, and learn how to handle information that challenges your beliefs and perspectives.


Understanding Paradigm Shifts and Confirmation Bias

A paradigm shift occurs when your fundamental beliefs, perspectives, or worldviews are challenged by new information, resulting in a change in your previous understanding. Confirmation bias, on the other hand, is the tendency to search for and interpret information that supports or confirms one’s primary belief, worldview, or perspective. This bias can keep you locked into a paradigm and make you resistant to change, resulting in missed opportunities for growth and learning.


Assumptions, Decision-Making, and Perceived Truths

Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start with Why’ emphasizes the role of assumptions in decision-making. Our behaviour is affected by our assumptions and perceived truths, and we make decisions based on what we think we know. However, assumptions can lead us astray even when based on sound research, highlighting the importance of questioning our beliefs and keeping an open mind.


The Role of Values and Perspective

People with strong values can re-evaluate new information using their core values as a guide and emerge as better versions of themselves without losing their identity. Conversely, people with weak values may resist change or exhibit negative behaviour when their beliefs or perspectives are challenged.


Storyteller Influence and Truth Manipulation

The storyteller can shape perspectives, and it’s essential to stay true to your beliefs and values when exposed to potentially misleading information. Be aware that truth can be tainted with lies to manipulate the minds of those susceptible to influence.


Finding Inspiration and Living a Character-driven Life

Character-driven movies and stories emphasize the importance of choosing to make a difference and using power and authority for good. By finding inspiration in these stories, we can strive to live character-driven lives, making conscious choices that positively impact others.


Embracing Change and Personal Growth

Aim to follow positive examples, like Jesus, in your daily life by showing kindness and love even to those who may ridicule or hate you. As a dog owner coach, use your power, knowledge, and authority to spread helpful information and make a difference in the lives of others.


The Paradigm Challenge and Vulnerability

Reflect on your experiences handling information that challenges your paradigm. Consider whether you are willing to be vulnerable and embrace change for the potential of becoming a better version of yourself. Encourage open dialogue and learning from differing perspectives in the dog training community.

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