The Blessings of Making a Difference: My Entrepreneurial Journey

The Blessings of Making a Difference: My Entrepreneurial Journey

July 6, 2023


When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey, I was driven by necessity; I had to leave my previous job due to a hostile environment. I was so depressed that I couldn’t even imagine applying for a job, to joining anyone else’s company as a team member – because I didn’t see any value in myself. I decided to take my God-given gift to help others and make a living of it. I never would have imagined I would receive a gift in return: I got the chance to make a difference in people’s lives, and the opportunity to touch others in a meaningful way. Today, I am incredibly blessed to be doing precisely that.


Making a Difference through Business

Having the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives through my business is truly a blessing. It’s a unique privilege that not everyone gets to experience. As an entrepreneur, I’m not just offering a product or service. I’m providing something that can potentially change lives for the better; that is also why I choose the help people on the NDIS.


The Reward of Touching Lives

The joy that comes from knowing my business has made a difference in someone’s life is immeasurable. How do I know I am making a difference, from the feedback my clients give me of course! (Check out my review on my Google page from those who have taken some time out of their days to let you know what they think about PCC).

It’s a kind of fulfilment that’s different from anything else. It’s more profound, more personal. Every time I receive feedback from a client or customer expressing how our interaction has positively affected their life, it motivates me to do more and do better. This reminds me, I need to book in for more professional development this year, so I am looking at Cameron Ford’s Canine Cognition and Scent pays seminars this year!


The Blessing of Financial Freedom

Yes, my business is a source of income, but it’s so much more than that. The financial freedom it provides me is indeed a blessing, allowing me to live a fulfilling life by investing in my special interest AND making a living off it as an Autistic individual. But what’s even more valuable to me is the knowledge that I’m earning a living doing something that truly matters, something that helps others.


A Win-Win Situation

Ultimately, running a business that not only benefits me financially but also positively impacts others is a win-win. It’s a reciprocal relationship. My customers benefit from my products or services, and their support, in turn, contributes to my business’s success.



Running a business isn’t always easy. There are ups and downs, wins and losses. But the satisfaction that comes from knowing I’m making a difference in people’s lives makes it all worthwhile. I’m grateful for the opportunity to touch so many lives through my business and earn a living while doing it. This journey has truly been a blessing, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next.

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