Never judge someone by the opinion of others

Never judge someone by the opinion of others

August 14, 2023

A Powerful Dialogue

Life has a way of presenting us with thought-provoking moments that challenge our perspectives. Recently, I came across a powerful dialogue that made me reflect on the concepts of cruelty and purpose in my role as a dog trainer. Join me as we delve into this conversation and explore its profound implications for fostering strong and resilient dogs.


The Vermin’s Plea and Master Peider’s Wisdom

In the dialogue, a man, desperate for his life, pleads with Master Peider, hoping to evoke empathy. He accuses Master Peider of cruelty for treating him as nothing more than another job. However, Master Peider’s response holds a profound truth that resonates with my experiences as a dog trainer.


Understanding Cruelty

Master Peider explains that cruelty lies in finding pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. It is not merely an action but a state of mind driven by malevolence. Cruelty stems from enjoying the harm inflicted upon others, relishing in their misery. I have seen quite a few trainers use this to manipulate potential clients from training with their competition as below:

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I take such accusations very seriously. If I thought anyone was cruel, then I would approach the authorities so we can get the dogs sorted, and into a safer environment.¬†You will notice that I even commented on this post about taking the trainer to the authorities, and still to this day, this trainer has not responded at all. I mean how is that taking care of the wellbeing of the potential dog this ‘cruel’ trainer would be dealing with?

So let’s talk about the definition of cruelty.


Indifference vs. Cruelty

As the dialogue unfolds, it becomes evident that Rezkin, the protagonist, is not cruel despite his role in inflicting harm. Rezkin clarifies that he finds no pleasure in killing or causing pain (like a Veterinarian in training). His actions are driven by purpose and training to help in the future, not a malicious desire to see others suffer. All I can say to protect myself, I have to practice calm professional indifference while going through the process of training some dogs with severely bad behavioural problems. It’s like a nurse who does the same when they are treating a badly injured person.


Drawing Parallels: Cruelty in Dog Training

This dialogue resonates with my experiences as a dog trainer. Cruelty in dog training would involve taking pleasure in causing harm or distress to the dogs in my care. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to put my feelings aside to do what had to be done for the benefit of the dog, to save the dog’s life. As a trainer, my purpose is to foster resilience and strength in the dogs, helping them learn and grow so they can safely navigate this crazy world.


The Significance of Purpose

Just like Rezkin, I have a purpose in my role as a dog trainer. My training methods are designed to build understanding, trust, and cooperation between humans and dogs. It is a responsibility that I undertake with care and dedication, ensuring the welfare and well-being of the dogs and people above all else. Next time, anyone labels another trainer using different tools as ‘cruel’, you should not judge based on the opinion of others, unless they actually do something about it!


Understanding the True Meaning

The dialogue between Rezkin and Master Peider offers a powerful lesson – the distinction between cruelty and purpose. As a dog trainer, I am driven by the purpose of fostering resilience and strength in dogs, and my actions are guided by empathy and compassion. I find no pleasure in causing harm, but rather, my satisfaction lies in witnessing the transformation and growth of the dogs under my care.

In conclusion, let us embrace the significance of purpose in our actions and reject cruelty in all its forms. Just as Rezkin clarifies the difference between indifference and cruelty, I recognize that my purpose as a dog trainer is to create a positive and nurturing environment that fosters resilience and strength in dogs. Understanding this distinction allows us to build deeper connections with our furry companions and provide them with the tools to overcome challenges and thrive.

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