Dog Training: Finding the Right Trainer – A Guide

September 15, 2022

Starting with a new dog or puppy brings challenges. Whether you’re proactive or dealing with a brewing issue, finding the right dog trainer is essential. Here are some tips to guide you:

Matching Your Interests: Find a trainer who teaches what you want to learn. Be clear about your goals, or work together to define them.

Choosing a Gentle Listener: Opt for a gentle trainer who listens to your needs. No trainer should ever berate a dog owner seeking help.

The Training Triangle: Seek a trainer who views training as a collaboration between you, your dog, and themselves to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

Considering Class Sizes: Select a trainer who limits class sizes to around five clients. Though it may cost more, you’ll get personalized attention and better results.

Weighing Time and Value: A series of lessons with personalized attention yields better results than a chaotic group class. Private lessons may be more economical in the long run, especially if your dog struggles to focus on others.

Addressing Specific Issues: For issues like anxiety or aggression, work with a trainer specializing in that area. Engage in private lessons and be prepared to pay for expertise.

Evolving Techniques: Ensure the trainer has evolved. Ask how their techniques have changed, and listen to their response.

Use these tips to find the perfect dog trainer for your furry friend!.

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