Even Dog Trainers need learning

April 27, 2022

Even the teachers need continuous learning, which I have continued doing since November 2019. I shared this post at that time!
“I am so grateful馃槆聽for my clients who have given me their business ($ and new experiences) so I might have this opportunity to attend a great seminar馃 with 2 awesome people and learning alongside other great trainers and people as well.
Part of being a trainer and teacher to others馃, is to be as student yourself馃檭. I strife to be better than was yesterday馃槑, and I have already learnt a few new techniques, ideas and protocols to help my current clients.
Watch this space!馃槒
I want to say thank you to all my previous and present clients, you continue to help me to learn more and being able to help more dog and their owners.

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      Thank you, are you a dog trainer as well?


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