Embracing Vulnerability: Reflections on Life with ASD Level 2

Embracing Vulnerability: Reflections on Life with ASD Level 2

November 29, 2023

Embracing Vulnerability as Strength: My Journey with ASD Level 2

In the realm of vulnerability, we often link it to weakness. However, let me share a transformative perspective: Vulnerability is not weakness. Instead, it serves as the most accurate measure of our bravery. My family had to learn that the hard way with my ASD Level 2 diagnosis in 2020.

Navigating Vulnerability: My ASD Level 2 Story

Several years back, my life’s perspective underwent a seismic shift with my ASD Level 2 diagnosis. Since that moment, my journey has been a tapestry of experiences. Accepting my limitations, those that can be managed but not fundamentally altered has presented its own set of challenges.

Embracing Reality

Facing our limitations, particularly those beyond our control can be daunting. Yet, it’s vital to acknowledge that it is what it is. Denying this reality merely breeds discomfort and frustration. Embracing it, on the other hand, has unveiled a newfound wellspring of resilience and empathy. It just means you can focus on the weaknesses you can improve with some benefits worth the price of the discomfort.

Vulnerability: A Wellspring of Strength

While some perceive vulnerability as a chink in our armour, I’ve come to view it as a wellspring of strength. Vulnerabilities tether us to our shared humanity. They foster connections, nurtured by empathy and compassion. Embracing vulnerabilities showcases our mettle and fortitude when confronted with adversity.

Learning from Vulnerability

Living with ASD Level 2 has illuminated my path with lessons in acceptance, fortitude, and personal evolution. I’ve learned to channel my limitations constructively, uncovering latent strengths in the process. For my family, it was difficult to admit that they couldn’t have done better because they didn’t know any better.

The Courage Within Vulnerability

Vulnerability and bravery are kindred spirits. It signifies the embrace of our authentic selves, frailties and all. It entails showing up without pretence and confronting challenges head-on. This openness propels growth and adaptation, irrespective of life’s trials.

In Closing

My journey alongside ASD Level 2 has unravelled the genuine essence of vulnerability and courage. Vulnerability transcends weakness; it embodies our resilience, fortitude, and valour. It’s the embodiment of our courage. I extend this invitation to all: Embrace your vulnerabilities. They could very well hold the key to your latent strength and uncharted potential.

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