Life Lessons from Dogs: Embracing Teachability

Turning Past Hurt Into Positive Change: The Power of Constructive Transformation

September 11, 2023

Learning from Unlikely Teachers

I have a confession: some of life’s most profound lessons came not from humans but from an unexpected source – my dogs. And the greatest takeaway? Embracing teachability and recognizing that I’m not always right.

The Value of Being Teachable

To be teachable means welcoming new knowledge, accepting criticism, and adjusting accordingly. It’s vital in dog training, where dogs reveal our limits, humbling us in the process.

Discovering Humility Through Dogs

How did my dogs become teachers? Their remarkable adaptability and learning ability hold the key. When faced with a challenge, they’d adjust their approach, a reminder of their resilience. This taught me that if they could be flexible, so could I.

The Lesson of Fallibility

This humbling lesson centers on our human desire to be right. Yet, in dog training and life, accepting our fallibility is vital. Methods might fail, techniques might stumble. We face a choice: stubbornness or adaptability. Our dogs, role models of adaptability, choose the latter.

Applying Lessons to Life

Teachability enhances relationships, not just with dogs but people too. It encompasses humility and openness, applicable to all life’s domains.


Following the Canine Path

In summary, dogs teach us to embrace teachability, illustrating that infallibility is unrealistic. Their adaptability reminds us to be open to growth. As they exhibit, it’s alright not to be right always; the pursuit of learning and growth matters most.

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