Unveiling Resilience: Confronting Bullies as a Dog Trainer through Timeless Wisdom

Scripture is my measuring stick: Speak your lies, and I shall learn the truth of it

August 7, 2023

Navigating Life’s Challenges

Life’s journey is filled with unexpected challenges that leave a profound impact on us. As a dog trainer, I recently encountered a bully whose toxic behaviour compelled me to seek guidance from the timeless wisdom of Luke 6 and the significance of Scripture in facing adversity.


Luke 6: The Healing Hand and the Power of Compassion

In the biblical account of Luke 6, Jesus enters a synagogue and encounters a man with a withered hand. Despite facing criticism from the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus chooses compassion and healing, undeterred by judgment or lies. This narrative emphasizes the importance of standing firm against negativity and prioritizing the well-being of others, regardless of external pressures.


Drawing Parallels: Bullies in the Dog Training World

Not long ago, I encountered someone I initially hoped to work with for rescue dogs. Over time, their behaviour began to resemble that of the Pharisees in Luke 6. They criticized and accused me without empathy, leading me on a journey of self-discovery to address this issue and provide better care for those I worked with.


Confronting Bullies: Finding Strength in Scripture

My encounter with this toxic individual reminded me of the profound wisdom found in Scripture. The quote, “Scripture is my measuring stick: Speak your lies, and I shall learn the truth of it,” became my guiding principle, helping me confront lies with unwavering truth and seek understanding amidst challenges. With support from trusted mentors, I remained committed to my convictions, accountable to God and guided by Scripture.


Resisting the Temptation of Seeking Universal Approval

As a dog trainer, moments of self-doubt crossed my path, yearning for approval from every person I encountered. However, I soon realized that seeking universal approval is an unattainable goal, leading me to an endless chase without fulfilment.


The Subjectivity of Approval

Approval from others is often based on feelings and emotions, making it inherently subjective and ever-changing. Relying on the whims of others for my self-worth would be an exhausting and futile endeavour.


Staying True to Compassion and Commitment

Instead of seeking fleeting approval, I found strength in grounding myself in the principles of Scripture. My purpose as a dog trainer is to provide the best care and training, prioritizing the well-being and growth of my canine companions to glorify my faith.


Resilience Through Conviction

Like Jesus, who faced opposition and false accusations, I encountered moments of deceit and criticism. However, guided by Scripture, I choose not to be deterred by naysayers and misunderstandings, remaining steadfast in my convictions.


Choosing the Path of Righteousness and Unveiling the Truth

Drawing parallels between my situation and the biblical tale of Luke 6, I prioritize truth, well-being, and the welfare of the dogs I train. Recognizing toxic influences, I refrain from collaborating with individuals that hinder progress, focusing on providing the best training possible.


Embracing the Wisdom of Scripture: Fostering Resilience

The quote, “Scripture is my measuring stick: Speak your lies, and I shall learn the truth of it,” embodies confronting bullies with truth and compassion. It serves as a constant reminder to stay resilient in the face of adversity.


Fostering a Constructive and Nurturing Environment

As a dog trainer and Christian, I draw inspiration from Scripture, confronting lies with unwavering truth and compassion. Embracing its wisdom, I cultivate a wonderful community, building resilience in myself and the dogs I serve. Like Jesus, I face bullies with determination and grace, promoting the well-being of those around me.


Embracing Resilience through Scripture

Confronting bullies with compassion and commitment is rooted in the wisdom of Scripture. By staying true to our convictions and seeking understanding amidst challenges, we find strength in purpose, standing firm against negativity, and fostering a nurturing environment. Just as Jesus persisted in his mission of healing and compassion, we too can face adversities, guided by the timeless teachings of Scripture.

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