The 11 Qualities of a Responsible Dog Owner

August 17, 2021

We believe that training a dog is as much about teaching the owner.

We believe in a ‘both ends of the lead’ approach.

Just like certain elements of a dog’s personality make the animal more ‘trainable’, there are certain characteristics that an owner should posses to make them more ‘teachable’.

These are our top 11 qualities of a responsible dog owner.

  1. Take personal responsibility.
  2. Be flexible in schedules.
  3. Adapt to changing circumstances.
  4. Emphasise and forgive mistakes.
  5. Learn from mistakes,
  6. Good verbal and non-verbal communication.
  7. Be open to constructive feedback.
  8. Be assertive in and accept boundaries,
  9. Willingness to improve and maintain the quality of relationship and life with own dogs and people they will be in contact with.
  10. Willingness to ask for help and research to make an educated decision.
  11. Self motivated.

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