Owning a Dog: Unveiling the Unavoidable Responsibilities! A Must-Read for All Pet Owners.

Merry Xmas to come, maybe

October 1, 2023

Is there anything better than adding a dog to the family at Christmas time?

I would say no – but I would say do your homework if you are considering this option!!

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I couldn’t say it any better than Stephanie Loucyn:

“In light of a recent post circulating about an awful incident involving an aggressive dog mauling a vet…

I’d like to talk about a few things regarding owning a dog:

Ultimately, YOU are responsible for your dog. At the end of the day it does not matter where your dog came from or what the situation is. YOU are responsible for that dog.

What does this mean?

This means when you feel bad and decide to adopt a dog with a questionable history or negative history…YOU have assumed liability and responsibility for that dog. Adopt or shop. I don’t care, just do it responsibly.
  • When you choose to purchase a puppy from a backyard breeder, YOU understand that it’s MORE likely you will have behavioural/ health issues with that puppy in the long run and that may be an expensive consequence of your decision. You also should understand that by purchasing that puppy (even for a small amount) you are 100% supporting backyard breeding.
  • When you choose to raise your puppy with too much freedom, no meaningful consequences, no actual beneficial socialization and lack of preparation for handling (like going to the vet), then YOU are setting that dog up to fail consistently its whole life. This can easily result in serious injury or death to you, your dog or others. It is YOUR responsibility to prepare your dog for the world.
  • If you decided to take on a project or difficult dog, you have chosen to be responsible for that animal….even when it’s inconvenient. How will you house it? Whats your training plan? What’s your plan if you need to travel or you want to go on vacation? How will you protect the public from this dog? How will you protect this dog from the public?
  • If you choose to own a large and/or POWERFUL breed of dog, again….how will you raise it? How will you house it? How will you train it? It’s YOUR responsibility to protect the public from this dog and so on.
  • If you can afford to add a puppy or dog to your household and you are NOT a trainer…then training is an absolute necessity in your budget. It is 100% as crucial as vet care for your dog. If your dog can’t exist and be safe within reason in public, then it will be refused. By vets, by trainers, by everyone. There definitely IS a point where nobody will be able to help you or your dog anymore.
If you can’t put your dog’s needs in front of your emotional issues, then don’t get one. It’s not fair to the dog, it won’t help you and it’s not fair to the general public. I’ve seen enough…”

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