PAT 107 – General obedience

I am Ariza from PCC ATA Ubuntu Support. In this video series, I will share what I have learned, thus helping you prepare for what you are in for and increasing your chances of passing the PAT.

General obedience:

  1. Your dog must comply within two seconds of your commands. If not, you must show that you can help your dog do so.
  2. Your dog must stay in its commanded obedience position until you give them a different command. If not, you must show that you can help your dog do so.
  3. You must be aware of your environment and pick the correct obedience position or commands to ensure your team is not a nuisance or hazard to the public.
  4. Your dog must be able to dog a recall of two meters away from you, on-lead; preferably, your dog will wait in a sit or drop position. I will cue the Handler when to recall their dog, so the dog must stay in the commanded position.
  5. Your dog must walk close to you while you navigate the public, and your dog must not pull you, fall behind or excessively sniff, drool, become overexcited or try to solicit attention or food.

I look forward to sharing the following video with you guys next Tuesday!

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