Experience: The Father of Wisdom in Dog Training

experience is the father of wisdom

June 23, 2023

Understanding the Role of Experience

“Experience is the father of wisdom.” You’ve probably heard this saying before, but have you ever paused to truly consider its meaning? As a seasoned dog trainer and handler, this axiom resonates deeply with me, guiding my approach and principles.

The Lessons Experience Teaches Us

Experience teaches us lessons that no book, video, or tutorial can. It helps us understand that each dog is an individual, with unique needs and characteristics. It shapes our responses and refines our methods, allowing us to tailor our training approach to each specific dog.

Unwrapping the Gift of Experience

Think of experience as the best mentor you could ever have. It throws challenges at us, tests our patience, and at times, makes us question our decisions. But every obstacle overcome and each hurdle jumped adds a layer of wisdom that’s impossible to gain elsewhere.

Experience and Adaptability in Dog Training

In the dynamic world of dog training, adaptability is key. And guess what fosters adaptability? Experience. It equips us with the ability to adjust and innovate, improving our training methods over time to yield better results.

The Relationship Between Experience and Wisdom

While the two are closely linked, it’s essential to recognize that experience does not automatically translate into wisdom. It’s about learning, growing, and evolving from the situations you’ve faced. It’s about using those experiences to enhance your understanding and improve your approach.

Embrace the Journey

It’s true – experience is indeed the father of wisdom. As we traverse the diverse landscape of dog training, each experience – be it success, failure, or something in between – contributes to the reservoir of wisdom we draw from. So, embrace the journey, appreciate every experience, and let wisdom be your guiding star.


It is important to get experience with as many🤓 different types of dogs🐾 (breeds, ages, live experience etc.) when you get into the dog training world! That means you have to be willing to fail! 😅
😁I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn to train so many different types of dogs from a board and train kennel!😎
#perthcaninecraft #autisticdogtrainer #ignoranceservesnoone

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