Understanding the Challenges of Dog Training

April 1, 2023

The Impact of “Cancel Culture” in Dog Training

In dog training, those who seek to “cancel” someone often lack personal investment, risks, or understanding of the challenges involved. It’s vital to approach dog training with an open mind and avoid judging others without context.

No Skin in the Game

Individuals attempting to “cancel” someone in the dog training world usually don’t have “skin in the game,” meaning they aren’t directly involved in the situation or facing any personal investment or risks. People without dog training experience may not fully appreciate the challenges, and those not involved in the training process might be unaware of specific circumstances. Keep an open mind, and don’t judge others without context.

Skin in the Game

Trainers and dog owners with “skin in the game” are committed to their clients, dogs, and training methods, taking personal risks to address challenging behaviour issues. This dedication can lead to successful outcomes, fewer homeless dogs, and prevention of behaviour-related euthanasia.

Keys to Successful Dog Training

To train your dog effectively, you need to:

  1. Take personal responsibility
  2. Commit to the process
  3. Hold yourself accountable for results
  4. Invest in your dog’s training
  5. Take risks to solve problems
  6. Work hard to make training effective
  7. Adapt your approach as needed

Remember, every dog is unique and faces different challenges. Judging others without context is unfair. Working together can create a safer and happier environment for our furry friends.

It Takes a Village

Taking personal responsibility and being invested, accountable, and willing to take risks leads to a more effective, ethical, and humane approach to dog training. By avoiding judgment and embracing an open-minded attitude, we can work together to create a safer and happier environment for our dogs. Dog training requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to adapt to your dog’s needs. Commit to your dog’s training to help them reach their full potential and strengthen your bond with them.

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