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August 22, 2023

Belgian Malinois Care: Volunteering to Assess Readiness

While Ted Efthymiadis offers insightful guidance in his video, here’s my take: for those considering a Belgian Malinois, I strongly suggest volunteering to help care for one or even fostering for a short duration, about 3 months. This hands-on experience will truly determine if you’re up to the challenge of handling this demanding breed.

Post-“Max” Concerns: A Surge in Belgian Malinois Numbers

When “Max” premiered in June 2015, it led to a significant surge in the Belgian Malinois breed’s popularity. This growth has raised alarms among breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts who are genuinely concerned about the consequences.

Learning from History: Avoiding Overpopulation

History has shown us the aftermath of movies like “101 Dalmatians,” “Beethoven,” and “Marmaduke.” These films caused spikes in shelter populations due to impulsive ownership trends. The Belgian Malinois could easily follow this pattern if not approached responsibly.

A Thoughtful Approach: Volunteering and Fostering

Rather than diving into direct ownership, a thoughtful approach involves volunteering to assist someone who already owns a malinois or fostering one temporarily. This immersive experience offers a realistic understanding of the breed’s demanding nature.

Watch, Don’t Own: A Call to Responsible Appreciation

If you’re planning to watch the movie, consider appreciating the Belgian Malinois breed from the safety of your home through YouTube videos. This way, you can avoid contributing to the overpopulation concern and make a more informed decision.

In Conclusion

Being prepared for a high-maintenance breed like the Belgian Malinois requires more than just movie-inspired excitement. Volunteering and fostering serve as responsible ways to gauge your readiness. Let’s make choices that prioritize the breed’s well-being and ensure a positive match.

Belgian Malinois are the worst… – YouTube

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