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We specialise in teaching you to train your dog. Help you can trust in Perth.

Puppy Development, Therapy Dog Training and Assistance Dog Training.

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Looking for someone you can trust to help train and manage your dog’s behaviour?

Perth Canine Craft might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Perth Canine Craft specialises in working with people who are open and willing to work on the quality of their relationship with their dog, to help them reach their potential.

We are the experts in helping people:

Train desired behaviours in a dog or new puppy.

Train therapy dogs for animal assisted therapy.

Train assistance dogs for people with a disability.

Train assistance dogs under the NDIS scheme.

How Perth Canine Craft can help you:

We realise that different dogs, and different people, have different needs.

We provide a range of options to ensure we can help you maximise the success of training and interventions.

These apply to our work in Puppy Development, Therapy Dog Training, Assistance Dog Training and NDIS Assistance Dog Training.

Face to Face Owner Training

Are you a dog owner? We’ll come to you to teach you and your dog simple, effective strategies.

Face to Face Trainer Training

Are you a dog trainer? Want to improve your knowledge? Let’s work together.

Zoom Lessons

Prefer to learn online? We run Zoom consultations to ensure lessons are accessible to everyone.

We believe in addressing both ends of the lead.

We’re here to help both the dog and the owner.

Training a dog is a partnership – a relationship between the dog and the owner. By working together, on both ends of the lead, we are able to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Dog Whisperer!

“I chose Ariza because I wanted a dog whisperer, and Ariza is certainly that, she just knows how dogs think, and is always advocating for the dog.”

Dogs Love Her!

“Ariza has been amazing with my dog. She is friendly, her knowledge is vast and she has a true passion for working with animals. My dog always loves to see her.“

An Expert

“An expert on pups! Very knowledgeable and provided great insight into training. Ariza’s visit made a challenging time a lot more manageable.”

Problem Solver

“I can highly recommend Ariza to help you and your dog sort out any problems you have. We’re grateful that we can now enjoy our walks!”


“We have been very impressed and amazed at how much our dogs improved in such a short time. Straight forward, clear, available, knowledgeable!”

Rapid Improvement

“Ariza’s method is easy to follow, not time consuming and you can see results in your dog’s behaviour very rapidly. We now have total control!”

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We operate within 50km of Seville Grove, 6112, Perth, WA.

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