How it works when you get in contact

How It Works

At Perth Canine Craft, we aim to transform your dog’s behaviour and improve your quality of life together. Here’s how our process works:

1. Free 30-Minute Phone Consultation

We begin with a FREE 30-minute phone consultation where you can tell me all about you and your dog. Share your goals, hopes, and dreams for your dog’s training. This initial conversation helps us understand your needs and design a results-based program tailored to you.


2. Behavioural Assessment or Immediate Training

Get started straight away by booking a 1.5-hour initial consult. Meet us face-to-face for a Q&A session that ensures we have a clear understanding of your dog’s needs and the best approach for their training.


3. In-Home Training – Probationary Program

Regardless of what you need help with, we always start with a 5-lesson probationary program. Whether you choose weekly or fortnightly lessons, our program is tailored to your focus—be it puppy development, behavioural training, or assistance dog prepping. Prices vary depending on your training focus. Why, because some people need a lot more help than 5 lessons, and who knows if we are a good fit for you or you for us, so we give it a trail period. We begin the training process in the comfort of your home and start on the foundations like your doggy dictionary (communication), management strategies, working on motivation and bonding via play and grooming etc. Once you master these, then the real fun begins.

4. Real-World Training

Once you and your dog are ready, we progress to training around your neighbourhood, local parks, and other real-world settings. This step ensures your dog can apply their new skills in various environments, boosting their confidence and reliability.