Autism Understanding: Beyond the ‘We are All on the Spectrum’ Myth

The Common Myth

Have you ever heard or uttered the phrase, “We are all on the spectrum?” Perhaps, you’ve encountered someone saying it with a casual shrug. This statement, though seemingly innocuous, carries weighty implications.

Misunderstandings Lead to Ignorance

If this phrase held true, there wouldn’t be a struggle for people like myself and countless others to fit into societal norms. You, standing on the other end of the spectrum, wouldn’t be perplexed or offended by our behaviours or thought processes.

The Call for Empathy and Understanding

The need for empathy is paramount. Accepting neurodivergent individuals requires more than just tolerance. It demands understanding, a step beyond mere acknowledgment.

The Danger of Invalidating Experiences

By casually tossing around “we’re all on the spectrum,” you inadvertently invalidate those truly on the autism spectrum. Your words echo louder than you think. They erase the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals with autism.

Educate Yourself

Before thoughtlessly echoing this phrase, take time to educate yourself. Learn about autism, about those who live their lives on the spectrum every day. Here’s a helpful video to get you started: